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You might be wondering what games you can play with the HECKADECK. Well, you can play all of the games you know and love... with a twist! Here are some examples to get you started. For standard card game rules, we recommend the awesomely extensive pagat.com.

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Go Fish with Dynamite

Plays just like Go Fish with a standard deck, but there are two sets of four for most types of cards. For example, there are two sets of Jacks, two sets of Talismans, etc. However, as there are only four Hunters, there will be only one set. Same goes for Jokers and Travelers. The Crone, The Omnihedron, Darkness, and The Watcher make up one set. Ask, fish, and discard sets of four as in standard play.

Blackestjack (Blackjack)

Deal and play Blackestjack just like Blackjack with added 0s, 11s, and Beasts (valued at 10 like other face cards. And you've got some options. Either take out the rest of the cards or play with them. Value Hunters and Travelers at 10. Being dealt The Crone, The Omnihedron, or The Watcher causes an immediate bust. And for an extra twist, incorporate a 6-sided die to determine the value of a Talisman or negative value of an Arrow when added to your hand. Jokers, sit this one out.

Buuuuulls••t / Triple BS / Cheatingest / I Really, Really Doubt It (Bulls••t / BS / Cheat / I Doubt It)

When playing standard BS, it's a good idea to add a second deck when you have more than three players. Not necessary with the HECKADECK. In fact, when using the HECKADECK, it's best to have three players at the very least. Instead of starting with Aces, start with 0s, then Aces, then 2s, etc. Beasts follow 11s and precede Jacks. Talismans, Arrows, Hunters, Travelers, Jokers, The Watcher, The Crone, Darkness, and The Omnihedron—this game ain't for you.

Old Crone (Old Maid)

For 2-8 players. Remove The Watcher, The Omnihedron, and Darkness from the deck. Deal out the rest of the cards. Take turns drawing a card from another player. Discard pairs (this will make the game go ruuull fast at first. The player left holding only The Crone loses. Alternatively, remove the Crone card, keep The Watcher and play as before, but the player left holding only The Watcher is the winner.