So, you wanna sell MLP stuffs in yer shop, do you?

Oh, sure. We can make that happen. Here's the deal.

Wholesale pricing of More Lies Publishing goods is 50% of retail, plus the cost of shipping. Example: 10 HECKADECKs plus shipping will cost $92.50 ($75 + $17.50) and will bring in $150. Contact us ( for other #s and rates (and there are some grab 'n go packages below). Orders must be paid for up front before items are shipped out. We will contact you with your order total and invoice (unless you order a grab 'n go, natch). Visa, MC, Discover, Amex, Paypal, and checks are all accepted forms of payment. Regional delivery (Northern California) is possible. Let’s talk about it.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 11.09.50 PM.png

Here are a few packages you can snatch up if they look good (note: if you order one of these for a shop in California, I'll need to refund sales tax). Or contact us to place an order that's perfect for your shop. Either way, there's some info we'll need from you to complete the order. You can do that with the form below.

(10) HECKADECKs - wholesale, friendo!
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(10) Monster Pocket Doodles - wholesale
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COMBO! (10) HD, (10) MPD - wholesale
105.00 115.00
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Ready to get started? Sweet. Just need you to send a whooole bunch of information. Yeah. Gotta do thangs law-way, pal.

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